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WHOOP monitors your sleep, recovery, and daily effort around the clock to deliver actionable insights on how you can optimize your performance.
Recover faster

WHOOP analyzes your key metrics like HRV and resting heart rate to determine a daily recovery score, and shows you how specific lifestyle and training behaviors affect Recovery.

Train smarter

WHOOP measures and accumulates your training activities and daily effort with a Strain score that helps you understand when to rest or push.

Sleep better

WHOOP monitors your sleep cycles, debt, performance, and quality, to help you know how much sleep you need every night.

Sleep Coach

Sleep better! Sleep is one of the most important things you can do to improve recovery, boost the immune system, and make fitness gains. Our personalized WHOOP™ coach, helps you track your sleep with in-depth sleep performance monitoring. The WHOOP™ in-app sleep coach will work with you on hitting your sleep goals.

With a Wellx Insurance Solution, hitting your Sleep goals means AED 300* towards your WHOOP™ subscription!

Recovery Coach

Recover Faster! The quicker you can recover, the more you can achieve! WHOOP™ will give you insights into key biometrics such as your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep performance. Knowing when your body is ready to perform and when it needs rest helps you understand how your body is adapting to stress and your readiness for the day. At the end of each month, WHOOP™ will share in-app a Monthly Performance Assessment.

With a Wellx Insurance Solution, hitting your Recovery goals means AED 300* towards your WHOOP™ subscription!

Performance Coach

Train smarter! Strain is a true measure of how much stress you’re putting on your body, both mentally and physically. WHOOP™ Strain is measured on a proprietary scale and can be affected by things like exercise, work, anxiety, running errands, parenting, and more.

WHOOP™ will give you personalized insights into how much strain is optimal for your body to take on with target exertion goals. Based on your body’s recovery, the Strain Coach will recommend a target range which you can monitor in real-time as you workout.

With a Wellx Insurance Solution, hitting your Strain goals means AED 300* towards your WHOOP™ subscription!

Health Monitor

Stay informed! WHOOP™ tracks various metrics about your general health. Keep informed about how your body is doing. Enhance the tracking by logging your lifestyle in WHOOP™'s customised journal.

With a Wellx Insurance Solution, keeping up with your journalling means AED 240* towards your WHOOP™ subscription!

*total cashback capped at 2 months' insurance premium

Get WHOOP 4.0 – the latest, most advanced fitness and health wearable available. Monitor your recovery, sleep, training, and health, with personalized recommendations and coaching feedback.