Personalized food suggestions

Discover foods that work for you and optimize the ones that don't. Based on unique glucose metabolism insights, identify foods that give you a stable glucose response

Insurance enhanced with Ultrahuman

Supercharge your health insurance with a real-time continuous metabolic fitness tracker that helps you optimise your lifestyle.

Start your metabolic fitness journey

Ultrahuman M1 Live helps you correct your patterns and behaviours for your goal. Lose weight sustainably, improve your athletic performance or continue to stay on top of your health.

Wellness based insurance

UAE's only insurance program that rewards wellness.

No headaches

Reputable insurance providers with a long history of serving the UAE.

Fast execution

End-to-end online purchase and policy management journey.

Flexible and affordable

Plans to suit every budget and fitness goal.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need a NFC enabled device to pair with the sensor?

Yes! It is absolutely essential that your phone is NFC enabled. If not, you will not be able to pair the sensor with your phone.

Can I take the sensor off every night?

Nope! Once applied, the sensor should not be taken off for the 14-day period unless you experience any pain or discomfort.

Whats the benefit of a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

Lets put some copy up on why a CGM can help individuals better manage their health habits.

How do I get the cashback?

Wellx customers subscribed to an Ultrahuman membership can earn cashback by maintaining a metabolic score of 70 or above for a minimum period of 20 days monthly.

Do I have to pay for Ultrahuman on top of my insurance premium?

Yes you do. We have partnered with Ultrahuman to provide you real time glucose monitoring, personalized food suggestions. You save upto 20% on the bundle and avail from partner benefits on the Wellx app.